Ministry is an activity carried out to express or spread our faith. The Encyclopedia of Christianity defines it as "carrying forth Christ's mission in the world", indicating that it is "conferred on each Christian in baptism." Ministry is performed by all Christians.  Some ministries are identified formally and some are not; some ministry is directed towards members of the church, and some towards non-members. 

There are many expressions of ministry at Episcopal Church of Our Savior, a reality that gives everyone an opportunity to serve.  Most of the ministries directed towards members of the church are well established expressions that respond to the needs of our common life.  Ministries of outreach seek to serve the wider world by paying attention to both the visible and less obvious needs of our community and world.  We often support feeding ministries, work for social justice issues, and strive to safeguard and renew all of God’s creation. Our Ministry brochure can be downloaded here.

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