Within the Walls

Ministries That Prepare for Worship

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild prepares the altar for Sunday and weekday services. They also cleanup after the service. This includes washing the communion vessels, changing the altar hangings, and filling the candles with oil when necessary.

Bread Bakers

Bread bakers provide the bread for Sunday Eucharist.  They use a standard recipe which can be adapted for a bread machine.  Bakers are scheduled about once a month.


The name says it all.  Greeters welcome people at the door. They identify visitors and make sure visitors know where places are located within the facility.  They often assist ushers when special services are held.


The most important part of the usher`’s job is to greet the people as they arrive. They are among the first to meet visitors. Ushers make sure everyone has a bulletin and anything else they need for the service.  They monitor the building during the service, collect the offerings and carry them to the altar.  After the service they straighten up the pews.

Ministries During the Service


Acolytes serve an important function during the service. They carry the cross, torches, and the Gospel book as part of the procession and recession, and they assist the priest and Eucharistic Ministers during communion.  No special skills are required but you need to be tall enough to reach the candles.  Acolytes get special training in the various duties. They are usually scheduled to serve once a month.

Eucharistic Ministers

Eucharistic Ministers have been called chalice bearers in the past. They are licensed by the bishop to assist the priest with the distribution of communion during regular church services.  Special training is provided at various times during the year.  Eucharistic Ministers may also assist with duties typically assigned to acolytes.

Healing Ministers

A team of individuals trained to provide healing prayer are available during the Sunday morning worship service to offer the ministry of anointing and laying on of hands.


Lectors have an important job during the service. They read the scripture lessons and lead the intercessions (prayers). Lectors receive the readings ahead of time to allow them to get comfortable reading their assigned passage. Even though there is a microphone on the lectern to help with volume, readers need to be able to project their voice so they can be heard.  Training is provided for this important ministry.


Episcopal Church of Our Savior is blessed with a number of gifted musicians who play various instruments and/or sing.  At the present time, we do not have a choir to leads the congregation in the singing of hymns; however, there are times when special music is provided.  If you have an interest in assisting with the music offerings during worship, please contact the Church Office.


Oblationers carry the bread and wine to the altar before the liturgy of Holy Communion.   The elements of the communion are then blessed during the Great Thanksgiving for distribution to the congregation.

Ministries After a Service or At Other Times

Building and Grounds

This hands-on group helps to maintain and improve the facilities of Episcopal Church of Our Savior so that it is a welcoming and accessible place.

Christian Formation

Christian Formation involves teachers and learners of all ages learning in community. Catechesis of the Good Shepherd occurs on Wednesdays at 4:00 PM.  Opportunities for adults happen at various times.  A weekly Bible Study takes place on Tuesdays at noon; Prayer and Conversation, a time of Centering Prayer followed by lunch and conversation occurs every other Friday, and an Adult Forum meets weekly after Sunday worship and hospitality.  Other learning opportunities are offered throughout the year.

Eucharistic Visitors

Eucharistic Visitors keep those who are ill or otherwise encumbered connected to the church family with communion visits. The Eucharistic Visitor goes through training and is licensed by the bishop to carry communion to others. The elements of bread and wine are blessed at a service of Holy Eucharist. The visitor contacts the person to set up a time to bring communion that will work for both parties.


Hospitality provides refreshments for fellowship after the 9:30 AM worship service on Sunday.  Individuals may also help with food, set-up, or decorations for special events.

Office Volunteer

Individuals assist with various clerical responsibilities by signing up to work a morning in the church office.  Office volunteers coordinate with the parish administrator, answer the phone, respond to visitors, organize mailings, and help prepare bulletins for services of worship.

Prayer Ministry

The Prayer Ministry meets bi-weekly to discern the prayer needs of our parish along with the wider needs of our community and world.  Special prayer requests may be submitted directly to members of the ministry group, the clergy, or via a list maintained in the Office.

Parish Life

Parish Life provides a variety of important ministries to individuals and groups within the parish.  Volunteers reach out to those members of the congregation who are in physical or spiritual need.  They help plan other special gatherings of the parish and assist with funeral dinners.

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