A Time of Transition

The Search for a New Rector

After eight years of prophetic and affirming ministry alongside the congregation of Episcopal Church of Our Savior, The Rev. Dr. Jeffrey Nelson accepted a call to serve the Episcopal Church in a new location.  His enduring message of Jesus’ love, compassion, and reconciliation remains with us as we now engage in the process of searching for a new Rector.  Following Fr. Jeffrey’s farewell on January 20, 2019, Episcopal Church of Our Savior embarked on a journey of prayerful discernment as the work to call a new Rector began. 

A copy of our Church Profile is available for review. 

What follows is a brief description of the Search Process.

February 2019

Step One – Rector in the Interim

Experience indicates that it will take fifteen to eighteen months to identify, call, and welcome a new Rector. Until that time, we welcomed into our midst The Rev. Dr. Mary D. Hendricks, Rector in the Interim, on February 1, 2019. Mary retired in 2017 from churches in Colorado and, at the request of The Rt. Rev. J. Scott Barker, accepted the part-time position at Episcopal Church of Our Savior, North Platte, Nebraska.

Mary brings gifts and experience to provide leadership, pastoral care, and a steady presence for the parish during this time of transition. Although her time in our community is limited to weekends, you can meet her personally by introducing yourself on Sunday or by requesting an appointment through the Church Office (308.532.0515).

June 2019

Step Two – The Parish Search Committee

Creation of the Parish Search Committee is an essential and important step in the Rector Search process. A mini-retreat, led by the diocesan Canon to the Ordinary, provided comprehensive information about the search process. Specific tasks were identified to help members of the parish create an historical timeline of events that have helped to shape the life of the parish as visioning about hopes for the future emerged. Members of the parish were encouraged to submit their names for membership on the Parish Search Committee.

November 1, 2019

Step Three – The Parish Profile

The Parish Search Committee was charged with scheduling and conducting a series of Holy Conversations to gather detailed information about every aspect of parish life from as many parishioners as possible. These conversations were designed to help the Parish Search Committee understand feelings, insights and hopes for the future of Episcopal Church of Our Savior.

Notes from the Holy Conversations were compiled and additional data were gathered to begin the work of creating a detailed narrative that describes who we are as a parish, how we got here, what we hope to become, and what the parish seeks in a new Rector.

November 25, 2019

Step Four – Generate Information for the Office of Transition Ministry and Develop a Protocol for Considering Candidate Names

Using information gathered during the Holy Conversations process, the Parish Search Committee responds to a series of questions for the national database. The Canon to the Ordinary will assist with this aspect of the search process. Upon completion, The Parish Profile is published on the Episcopal Church of Our Savior website (www.cosnp.org), and on search sites used by Episcopal Clergy.

December 4, 2019

Step Five - Announce Position and Receive Candidate Names

The Canon to the Ordinary collects names of potential candidates from a variety of sources and submits them to the Parish Search Committee of Episcopal Church of Our Savior. Using material from each of the identified candidates, the Parish Search Committee determines who will continue in the discernment process.

Once a Finalist List is developed, the Canon to the Ordinary conducts a series of background checks. Finalists are then invited to the parish, one at a time.

A copy of our Church Profile is available for review.  You can also read our current newsletter here.

Names will be received until February 4, 2020

Step Six - Choosing

Following on-site parish interviews, the Parish Search Committee arranges the candidates in order of preference and submits the first name to the Vestry. This decision is made via consensus.

Provided the Vestry accepts the recommendation of from the Parish Search Committee and votes to extend a call via unanimous consensus, the Vestry notifies the Bishop of the election to seek approval. Upon receiving the Bishop’s approval, a call is then issued by the Senior Warden.


Step Seven – Acceptance of the Call & the Letter of Agreement

Upon acceptance of the call, the Canon to the Ordinary works with the Senior Warden and Vestry to complete a Letter of Agreement. The Bishop and Canon to the Ordinary approve the Letter of Agreement. Only after the candidate has formally accepted the call and signed the Letter of Agreement should the Vestry announce the election to the parish.


Step Eight – Welcoming the New Rector & A Celebration of New Ministry

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