Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during the service?

The service combines music, readings from scripture, and prayers.  The priest delivers a sermon.  You’ll hear announcements.  An offering will be collected. Communion is shared. The service ends with a blessing for all.

What does “eucharist” mean?

Eucharist means thanksgiving.  Holy Eucharist is the service of worship in which we share bread and wine that has been blessed.  We affirm the presence of Christ in the bread and wine but we do not spell out how that happens.

Am I allowed to receive communion?

All baptized individuals, including children, are welcome to receive the bread and wine of the Holy Communion. 

Why are there so many books?

As Episcopalians, our common life is expressed in and through the Book of Common Prayer (BCP).  It contains scripture, prayers, and worship rites that speak to the needs of humanity throughout the lifespan.  The Book of Common Prayer is part of our heritage as partners with the Church of England and the Scottish Episcopal Church.  We also have hymnals that include much of the music that we sing during our worship.

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